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Welcome to COoL Lab

Thanks for stopping by our website... :) At the COoL lab we pursue research that has fundamental implications for characterizing how life came about on our 'pale blue dot'; a question central to Astrobiology. We use tools that span a few different areas of sciences to discern the aforementioned and this includes biophysics, biochemistry, molecular biology, geochemistry (to name some). Through our research, we hope to be able to help answer one of the most profound questions out there: How did life originate on our planet? In other words, how did chemistry transition to biology on the early Earth?

In all, our research also has implications for delineating whether other habitable systems in our solar system, and beyond, can host life. Further, our work also has interesting synthetic (life) biology applications.


We hope that by the end of your browsing, you will get a basic idea of what is it that motivates us to do what we do. 


Check these out!!! 

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